Although drawing and painting were Robert Dallet’s specialties, now and then he liked to dedicate some of his time to modelling animals in clay; models which he would then paint. His flawless understanding of animal anatomy allowed him to create beautiful objects of different sizes (from 20 to 50 centimetres for the largest). Here are a few examples.


Leopard – Kenya

01- Panthère du Kenya 02- Panthère du Kenya 03- Panthère du Kenya


Tiger – India

04- Tigre de l'Inde 05- Tigre de l'Inde 06- Tigre de l'Inde


African Elephant

07- Eléphant dAfrique 08- Eléphan dAfrique 09- Elephant dAfrique



10-Canard Colvert en Vole

Barn Owl

Bonelli’s Eagle

12- Aigle de Bonelli en Vol


Bonelli’s Eagle

European Bee-Eater



Masaï Giraffe